Trinidad, Cuba



Left Havana yesterday for Trinidad by way of Cienfuegos, a 500 year old town in the middle of the island. Trinidad, a four hour drive from Havana, near the Bay of Pigs, is Cuba’s 2nd largest city, full of narrow cobblestoned streets and hostels or bed and breakfasts. One major hotel chain is here, Iberostar.

Internet has been hard to come by, with less access than on previous trips. Hoping to make one more post before heading back.



Hello from Havana


Took a day or so to get online. Weather has been hot and humid – thunderstorms delayed us out of Miami on Eastern Airlines – yes Eastern -as well as luggage delays so….

Its been a whirlwind 2 days: Highlight yesterday was meeting two of the set of 16 yr old Cuban ballet triplets. Parents welcomed us into their home.